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Ahealo Business Solutions

↑ 15% Staff Productivity
↓ 42% Absenteeism
↓ 88% Presenteeism
↓ 23% Staff Turnover
↑ $9,450 Staff Performance by improving Mental Wellness
Better Mental Wellness = Better Staff Contributions. Here’s How
  • Training & Education
  • Self-Therapy Tools
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness Programs
  • Minimize Corporate Performance Wastage Programs
  • Staff Coaching

FREE Self Therapy Tools

Ahealo understands Self Help, Self Compassion, Self Therapy, Self Talk, are the best mental health ways for Self Healing. So, we provide these FREE tools to guide you.


Self therapy, self treatment, self compassion, My Journal
My Journal

Through journal writing gives me mental clarity, connect and release my inner thoughts and feelings

Griffin Euan (Suffering from anxiety and depression for more than 10 years)

  •  Designed by psychologists using CBT techniques
  •  Track and chart your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts
  •  Porta ac consectetur acCommunity & professional advice
  •  Join the positive community thru sharing


Smart Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Setting goals boosts my motivation, strengthen my focus and reduce my stress. So, I can pursue bigger dreams

Steven Philips (Suffering from anxiety for more than 14 years)

  •  Designed by psychologists using CBT techniques
  •  Break goals into small steps and work toward them
  •  Track goals with dateline
  •  Prioritize goals


Mental health symptoms-based psychometric tests
Mental Health Symptoms Test

You know what to fix when you know what went wrong

Dr. Keith Kueh (Head, Platform, Ahealo)

  •  Better understand mental health through symptoms
  •  Positive symptoms are classified through Mild, Moderate, or Severe
  •  Easier to undertake actions
  •  Fix mental health through symptoms, one step at a time


Mental Wellness Daily Challenges
Daily Challenges

An action a day drives the mental woes away

Dr. Yuen Pang (Co-founder, Ahealo)

  •  Designed by clinical psychologists for mental health recovery
  •  Easier to foster positive habits
  •  Targeted actions for positive tested symptoms
  •  Receive Badges for completing each daily challenge. Compete with others

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Our Therapy Services Include:-

A.Relationship, Marriage, & Family issues
B.Guidance, Career, & Work issues
C.Addiction, Rehabilitation issues
D.Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, etc.
E.Substance Abuse, Eating Disorder
F.Education, College, Teenage, Adolescent issues
G.Personal challenges

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Our Psychotherapists

Standard - Up to $50

Consultant - $51 to $120

Senior Consultant - $121 & Above

Contact us

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