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We Understand Your Problems Because We Face It Too

“We were desperately looking for psychotherapy 19 months ago, but everywhere we look are expensive and a queue of more than 2 months”, said Dr. Keith Kueh, "Head of Ahealo Platform”.
So, this is where Ahealo is founded with the purpose to serve
those in need, fast and affordable.

A global presence & professionals sharing our vision








Our Psychotherapists

Standard - Up to $50

Consultant - $51 to $120

Senior Consultant - $121 & Above

Ahealo’s commitment toward mental self-healing for our community

Free Journal Setting App for Mental Health

Life’s a journey.
Every day is a new chapter.
A journal catches that journey.
A means to express and dwell

Through journal writing gives me mental clarity,
connect and release my inner thoughts and feelings

Griffin Euan (suffering from depression and anxiety for more than 10 years)

Free Goal Setting App for Mental Health

Set Goals to the future,
See your goals, not think,
Discover desire and passion,
Toward the future, one step at a time

Goal setting can boost my motivation, strengthen my focus,
and reduce stress during the progressing. End up I can achieve even a bigger goal

Griffin Euan (suffering from depression and anxiety for more than 10 years)


Registering an account with Ahealo does not require your personal information. We only require an email for notification purpose, and your personal information is strictly optional.

Given that your personal information stays anonymous, any information will never get to you. This means, there will be no impact to your employment, medical history, etc.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Psychotherapy does help, and its not a myth. More than 62% of people who engage therapy session recovers in less than 20 sessions.

Absolutely. This is why Ahealo has developed Journal and Goal Setting with the help of clinical psychologists using cognitive behavioral therapy. We believe self-healing is also an important part of mental care.

Our counseling therapists offer competitive rates according to their expertise. Ahealo is transparent in terms of pricing and offering. Be sure to choose the most appropriate psychotherapist according to your condition and budget.

All therapies are conducted via online video call after you made the booking with the chosen counseling therapist.

Ahealo is a mental healthcare marketplace provider. We are working on many aspects of mental healthcare to ensure a wider coverage for your recovery. In the next few months, you will be hearing from us on our mindfulness activities and artificial intelligence. However, we are not going to stop here. Expect more to come….

You will never be alone. Ahealo is growing our user community as a family to ensure that you can get some form of peer support should you decide to engage the others. For example, in Ahealo Journal, you can to seek advice from others or be a part of a positive community. Be assured that you are never alone in this journey.