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Johnthan Pierce, USA
Flowyers Inc

At first, I was skeptical, but I am impressed with the use of the journal and goal setting. Now, the tools are getting better. Booking for a therapist was easy too. Received a message that they are launching the mobile apps soon. Looking forward to it

Teresa Brown, UK
Power Services

A decent tech and easy to use. I got tested positive for anger, depression and anxiety. Just started therapy and I hope my company will embark on their business plan soon

May Tan, Singapore
Fixing Co

Things are getting better now. There are more services and products than I first started. Very unique functions, friendly, and no personal info required. Highly recommended !!

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Ahealo Business Solutions!

↑ 15% Staff Productivity
↓ 42% Absenteeism
↓ 88% Presenteeism
↓ 23% Staff Turnover
↑ $9,450 Staff Performance by improving Mental Wellness

Better Mental Wellness = Better Staff Contributions

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FREE Self Therapy Tools

Ahealo understands Self Help, Self Compassion, Self Therapy, Self Talk, are the best mental health ways for Self Healing. So, we provide these FREE tools to guide you.

1- My Journal

Journal writing gives me mental clarity to connect and release my inner thoughts and feelings


  •  Designed by psychologists using CBT techniques
  •  Track and chart your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts
  •  Get Community Advice & Positive Vibes for FREE
  •  Join the positive community thru sharing
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2- Goal Setting

Setting goals boosts my motivation, strengthen my focus, & reduce my stress to pursue my dreams


  •  Designed by psychologists using CBT techniques
  •  Break goals into small steps and work toward them
  •  Track goals with dateline
  •  Prioritize goals
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3- Mental Health Symptoms Test

You know what to fix when you know what went wrong


  •  Deeper understanding to your mental health
  •  Understand the severity of your mental health
  •  Fixing symptoms of mental health makes things easier
  •  Fix mental health through symptoms, one step at a time
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4- Daily Challenges

An action a day drives the mental woes away


  •  Designed by clinical psychologists for mental health recovery
  •  Easier to foster positive habits
  •  Targeted actions for positive symptoms of mental health
  •  Receive Badges for completing each daily challenge. Compete with others
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Counseling & Psychotherapy

Our Therapy Services Include:-

Relationship, Marriage, & Family issues
Guidance, Career, & Work issues
Addiction, Rehabilitation issues
Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, etc
Substance Abuse, Eating Disorder
Education, College, Teenage, Adolescent issues
Personal challenges
Others Therapy services

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I. Effective & Convenient

Online counseling & therapy is effective & convenient. You can get onto the call with your therapist at any time, any place.

II. Secure & Safe

Your identity, payment, and session are securely protected just like a banking transaction.

III. No medicine

Only talk therapy is provided to get your mental wellness back on the positive note.

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Ahealo is a comprehensive 1-stop mental wellness site for companies and individuals. We are adding Mindfulness, Training, Coaching, and more Corporate programs soon. If you can’t find what you are looking for or unhappy with any of our offerings, please drop us a note. We will personally get in touch with you. Verification required to stop spammers