Dr Andile Nkomo

Andile Nkomo



About Me

Passionate Psychologist with experience in working with children and Adults presenting different psychological challenges including depression and Anxiety disorders.


Work & Experience



  • Psychotherapy


  • Depression
  • CA

    After the treatment from Andile, my confidence is reestablished

  • JO

    Andile teaches me to embrace the happiness when I was in a very bad situation

  • HE

    You made understand how fortunately I am as compared to the others you have seen I didnt know my situaion till you pointed out the others to me. Its comfort to me to cherish what I have. Thanks

  • BA

    Andile is very different in his approach. Down to earth steps

  • SU

    I found his passion from his therapy

  • RI

    He is young, knowledgeable, with unexpected experience in mental health. I will continue my therapy from him

  • BA

    I thought I was in dead end before I met Andile, his professional counselling and sharing changed my life

  • LI

    Andile has much experience and confidence to handle my problem

  • HA

    You tried your best to calm me down and gave me ideas to deal with my depression and anxiety. I like your examples to deal with my friends and my school results

  • RI

    soft spoken and caring. I begin to see some changes now

  • UR

    Very different cultural perspective in the way to understand things. I feel glad and blessed after the session, nice !

  • UR

    session was eye opening for a 1st timer. Ty

  • MI

    thank you for the advice. Will be back for more

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