Dr Meriel Stanton

Meriel Stanton


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Counselling Body informed Psychotherapy Coaching Yoga therapy Awe sessions

About Me

"Inside of everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born " David Whyte Hello I am a Scottish Psychologist and Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. I fully believe that each of us has the capacity for wholeness and the ability to heal, grow and thrive. I meet you where you are and work collaboratively, flexibly & resource-oriented with you, understand the roots of your difficulties, work through painful wounds, heal trauma & empower you to live a fuller life. My therapeutic approach is holistic, based on modern interpersonal neurobiological expertise and combines talk therapy with the memory and knowledge of the body, breath awareness, simple Somatic skills and mindfulness My therapeutic approach thus integrative and combines traditional talk therapy with a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach including mindfulness, breath and body awareness. I live and work in Zürich Switzerland . I work in both my native language English and German


Work & Experience



  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Body informed Psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Yoga therapy
  • Awe sessions


  • Trauma
  • Stress related disorders
  • anxiety
  • Developmental wounds
  • Relationship problems
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • hangups
  • burnout
  • issues of self worth
  • feeling down
  • Authentic self expression
  • bullying
  • Relational trauma
  • Ex-pat issues
  • Relationship Trauma
  • attachment related
  • Adoption
  • SO

    Very cool

  • SU

  • DA

    I believe Meriel can help me to overcome my problem, I have significance changed since the treatment is started

  • SO

  • BA

  • FL

    Meriel opened the door in my heart, more than that, I am a yoga fans now

  • AN

  • CH

  • JE

    Life saving advice, thank you

  • PA

  • QU

    Thank you for the warm advice that keeps me going

  • JO

  • YE

    My emotional problem was improved a lot , yes, it works.

  • HE

    Meriel is nice and friendly

  • AN

    The treatment way from Meriel was so different from ordinary talk therapy

  • TI

    You guide me to turn my grey life into colorful and a wonderful, thanks Meriel

  • TH

    Meriel gives me a strong positive vibe and her use of breathing exercise in case when my anger gets out of control. I can find that peace and calm when I talk to her and will remember her words to always calm myself in all situations. Thank you

  • JA

    Mein Englisch ist nicht so gut und dies ist eine gute Session zur Eröffnung des Geistes für mich. Ich wünschte, ich hätte Meriel früher kennengelernt, aber es ist nie zu spät

  • JO

    Always nice to hear Meriels sweet voice. She has her way to calm me down and get me into shape. There are a few things I need to work on now

  • GA

    long call but good start. Will call again

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