Dr Eirini Diathesopoulou

Eirini Diathesopoulou


About Me

Welcome, I am Eirini! How can I help you? Do you want to find relief from suffering, and go on to build a richer, fuller life? If so, I am here to offer you support. I am a skilled psychologist and psychotherapist with 11 years of experience, in helping individuals live a purposeful and meaningful life through various help techniques. Using multiple therapeutic interventions (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy , Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy & Mindfulness ). I have supported people to make a significant change in their lives. I work on your terms which means that I work with a mix & match style, tailor my approach to fit your needs.


Work & Experience

  • 01-September-2012 - 26-September-2021
  • 01-December-2021 - 26-September-2021
  • 01-September-2010 - 01-May-2013




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