Dr Yiz Tan

Yiz Tan


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Schema Therapy Motivational Interviewing

About Me

Hi I am Yiz, clinical psychologist at YizPsychology. I specialize in unpacking issues common among Gen Z and Millennials. My clients and I work together on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship, addiction, trauma, and purpose/direction-orienting. These issues manifest uniquely in the context of our generation, and our work together will be focused on bringing you clarity to your struggles and charting a path towards your ideal.


Work & Experience



  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing


  • anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship
  • Behavioral Addiction
  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • Trauma
  • Existential
  • TI

  • JO

  • RI

    Mr. Tan is a first class psychtherapist and I trust him much

  • TH

  • MI

    Yiz is a nice and professional psychologist

  • CO

  • HE

  • BA

    thank you for willing to listen to my problems and giving me advice

  • KA

  • JO

  • TH

    Positive, positive, positive. Yiz keeps challenging me to change my mindset to be positive

  • KI

  • AP

    Not only talking, he gives practical guidence

  • LA

    Yiz understand youngsters

  • FL

    I feel I am in progress under his guidence after several sessions

  • BA

    Just try, I hope he can help in my case, will see

  • CH

    I got advice from Yiz and I would say that he is very professional in dealing with youngsters like myself. I am not perfect and I just need a little more attention. Yiz is good to give me all the attention I need and allow me to talk about my issues. Thx

  • PA

    Only chrome was supported but everything else was good during the session. Good chat and mind opening

  • MI

    Yiz is very friendly to talk to and patient. I had my fear when I first started with Yiz but the fears are gone now

  • UR

    very friendly session. I feel at ease to share more now

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